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The PLay Day Cafe

Adulting is hard.  Getting out with kids shouldn't be...

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Adulting is hard, getting out with your kids shouldn't  be!

About to lose it?

Some days being a parent is like folding a fitted sheet.  You start with great intentions but then, it happens.  Every mom (and dad) has had one of those days.  A day of yelling, arguing, teething, cabin fever, etc.  AND on top of that, it's raining, so you can't even get out of the house without driving into town!  All you mommies and daddies out there are shaking your head YES because its true.

Been there, done that.

So, what else is there to do?  Sure it's possible to drive 25-30 minutes to the indoor playgrounds all the way across Champaign.  Sure you could stand around the Barnes & Noble train table trying to piece together a train from the 2 remaining pieces.  But do you know what would be SO much easier?  Getting in your car and not having to worry whether or not you packed the wipes, warmed the baby formula, etc.  The Play Day Cafe has you covered!

Not only do we have everything you might forget to pack in the diaper bag for your convenience, but we offer a bright and modern take on the indoor play space with a wide variety of new and unique toys/activities.

There's an easier way to play inside and it's coming your way JUNE 2017!!!

Membership Perks

We love to pamper our customers with special perks such as a free eyebrow wax, massage, or even a quick car detail while you relax and the kids play. We tell the kids the cafe is for them but really it is for all the tired, worn, and stressed out parents. 

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Open Play

Whenever The Play Day Cafe isn't hosting a special activity time, the main play space is open for play. Parents can relax in the lounge with a book, magazine or adult coloring book.

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Birthday Parties

Not sure where to have your little one's party? Look no further than The Play Day Cafe! We offer parties for up to 15 children and three adults for 1.5 hours. Have fun and let us clean the mess up! 

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